This NEW cutting-edge plan, from Men’s Health is the  better — and faster — way to sleeve-busting muscle.
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Think your arms are too small? The reason probably isn’t for lack of working them. In fact, most guys have an oversize affection for their arms, pounding out rep after rep of every curl variation possible. And why wouldn’t you? They’re the only major muscles you can expose almost anywhere, anytime.

So what’s the problem? It’s the way you’re working out. See, your muscles almost never grow in isolation. So if you are not following a plan like 24-Hour Arms that eliminates the fundamental mistakes most men make when training their arms, you are limiting the size and strength of your arms.

24-Hour Arms leaves your high school curl routine behind and introduces you to a breakthrough exercise plan designed to add inches to your arms in just 24 hours. This arm-expanding workout blasts your biceps and triceps for guaranteed growth but also builds a stronger body from head to toe. 24-Hour Arms isn’t about exercises, it’s about results!

With 24-Hour Arms, you’ll get:

THICKER, more powerful biceps


STRONGER, bulging forearms

MORE MUSCLE EVERYWHERE — including your chest, back, and shoulders

Ready to work the muscles that get you noticed? All it takes is 24 hours to FLEX APPEAL

No, you don’t get there in one day but with 24 hours of workouts spread out over weeks. The max time for any session is just 40 minutes.

Intense, not insane! Life is filled with time-sucks — meetings, traffic, fantasy football. Your workout shouldn’t be one of them. The workouts in 24-Hour Arms are condensed to give optimum results in less time.

You won’t devote your whole workout to your arms! Your arms account for just 3 percent of the muscle mass in your entire body! So why do thousands of biceps curls or triceps extensions when your body has dozens of muscles willing to jump in and share the love? 24-Hour Arms challenges your entire body for faster gains EVERYWHERE.

Never plateau! Your customized program progresses in perfect sync with you! It tracks everything you do and expertly gauges what’s right for you today! New weight load? More reps ... or less? Time for a new exercise? You’re always challenged, never stuck!

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How great would it be to have A personal trainer, personal nutritionist & coach on call 24/7/365!

24-Hour Arms gives you, in effect, all three! And more! 24-Hour Arms is delivered to you through Men’s Health Personal Trainer, a revolutionary interactive online trainer featuring the most popular and advanced diet and workout programs from Men’s Health magazine. A few taps on your keyboard or phone and your online coaching team is “on tap” whenever you want their help.

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Design or redesign a program to build awesome arms for you — not the “average guy”!

Graphically track your progress to keep you on track and motivated.

Access the extensive library of exercise videos that will guarantee you are doing the workout the right way to maximize results and minimize potential injuries.

“Tweak” your routine … ask a question … see how that new exercise should be done again — on New Year’s Day? 24-Hour Arms is at your beck and call 24/7!

Get total nutritional guidance for the best muscle-building foods, meals, snacks, even the right calories! Don’t like the first suggestions? No problem. Just enter the kinds of foods you really feel like eating right now and bam — there are some perfect choices, along with all the nutrition data. And all the info is stored, analyzed, and displayed so you know you’re on track!

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